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How to avoid the use of semiconductor high speed dispenser w

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What to avoid dispensing machine, need to do some corresponding strategies, semiconductor high speed dispensing the use of how to avoid pollution need to do some work, otherwise it is difficult to solve this problem, do not pay to harvest is not possible, do preventive work is the first task.
Semiconductor full-automatic high-speed glue dispenser
Cleaning up the environment, every day after work personnel cleaning foreign semiconductor high speed dispensing machine around the garbage and the work table, ensure the dispenser is able to work in a clean working environment, it can also protect the dispensing machine working table is garbage pollution to the dispensing process does not result in.
Longmen type high speed glue dispenser
The base station dispensing glue dispensing machine for cleaning, daily high speed of semiconductor package in the long time, there will be spilled glue to glue dispensing base, will also have the pollution effect on the high speed dispensing machine, although after a long time of corrosion will see significant results, but not for base station cleaning will damage the high speed dispensing machine after the release of the semiconductor will not balance, dispensing effect will be affected.
High speed jet cleaning valve, after a long time of use high-speed jet valve internal glue residue, because of high speed dispensing machine in addition to the semiconductor dispensing, but also dispensing of other products, two kinds of mixed glue will have different pure glue dispensing quality will decline, so the replacement product is the need for high speed cleaning injection valve, and long-term glue residue in the course of time will plug the injection valve.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine needs a clean and dry environment in the semiconductor packaging process, a good environment to point out the glue will usually have higher quality, is not only to improve dispensing speed, but also to reduce the enterprise cost.

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