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What is the function of the visual high speed glue machine i

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In addition to having high speed dispensing machine vision automatic positioning function, and other functions such as: dispensing, image transfer, product testing, automatic adjustment of manipulator parameters, which are high speed visual dispensing machine can use function, in addition to the visual dispenser, basically will not be able to use the glue dispensing machine, because of this application the dispenser for dispensing machine industry requirements are very high, and the number of production is relatively large.
Large visual high speed glue machine
With high performance visual high speed glue machine, the price is more expensive than the general automatic dispensing machine. If the visual positioning system can locate high-speed dispensing machine of products, you need to put the central system product information transmission to the dispensing machine, carries on the analysis, then find the dispensing position, and then control the robot arm to move to the dispensing position, and then complete the task of dispensing.
If the visual high-speed dispensing machine is a positioning function, can not complete the task of dispensing such, requires a combination of a variety of functions, to complete the dispensing process so exquisite, which is why visual high-speed dispensing machine is expensive, no other price dispensing function, nor than the other dispensing machine is expensive, a penny goods, the use of visual high-speed dispensing machine products than the general good quality dispensing machine.
Large vertical visual high speed glue machine
The vision system is high speed dispensing machine features, can use these functions but also because of this system, no visual system the product data is transmitted to the central controller of high speed dispensing machine, will not be able to locate and automatically adjust the dispensing parameters, nor can detect products. What is the function that the glue dispenser can use is directly related to the installed parts.

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