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What needle point Semiconductor does the high-speed dispense

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In the rubber industry, how to use the dispensing needle is pay attention to a certain extent, some not suitable for this product dispensing needle, to use the needle for dispensing, not to upgrade production efficiency would be decreased, dispensing quality will also become more poor, so the use of what types of needles are needed according to the calculation and to verify the scientific, high speed dispensing machine can be used to the semiconductor dispensing needle.
Ordinary plastic dispensing needle
High speed dispensing machine is to use semiconductor for dispensing a Teflon needle, because the needles are carefully crafted, can reduce the error value, particularly strict requirements for semiconductor packaging and dispensing technology for fine precision dispensing needle for dispensing device of other types without Teflon needle high, so I want to use the best quality dispensing machine.
Is a Teflon needle manufactured by the special technology of stainless steel, making finished, polished and burr processing, internal and external polishing, which can guarantee the quantity of cement and eliminate the liquidity problem but also can glue wire drawing, according to the requirements made of bending type semiconductor dispensing needles, so that is conducive to high-speed semiconductor dispensing dispensing machine.
Special dispensing needle for high speed dispenser
Dispensing needles used are needle dispensing, can be suitable for various industries dispensing, high speed dispensing machine to go to survive in the fierce competition of the market, the enterprise is no glue machine, glue machine innovation is no one reason to buy its dispensing equipment, high-speed dispensing machine can meet the needs of the market, but also experienced numerous changes to do.
Hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine can be applied to so many areas with dispensing configuration is to have a great relationship, practical accessories determines the dispenser can go far, so to develop high speed dispensing machine, need to speed up the core parts manufacturing technology.

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