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How to solve the abnormal glue quantity

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In the use of multiple high-speed dispensing machine in the work process, if you want multiple high-speed dispensing machine to improve production, we must ensure that the long high-speed dispensing occurrence problem as much as possible during operation, such as a high speed dispensing glue supply issues. Which is the main reason of this problem on the application of dispensing valve for example: screw valve, as a kind of non-contact dispensing valve, but it is also the driver in the dispensing valve, can be used on the viscosity of the glue has high requirements of products, and in the process of using the amount of glue it will be influenced by various factors.
Double cylinder type spot glue valve
The rotating speed of the screw dispensing valve has great influence on the output of the rubber. According to the amount of the glue, it can adjust the rotation speed appropriately. When we glue out, we must precisely control the rotation speed of the dispensing valve, and only the change of the speed can affect the output of glue.
A dispensing valve can be configured with different types of needles, to obtain more precise quantity of cement, the use of small diameter needle will appear more precision according to the amount of glue to reduce needle diameter. Of course, and vice versa. Dispensing needle diameter increases, the quantity of cement would be increased. Sometimes things will be different, the needle diameter increases to a certain value, the quantity of cement will not change, then you can change the rubber valve screw turn or screw used in the larger model.
Single station multi head high speed glue machine
Increase in external pressure will also promote the cement volume increases, but the pressure increases the impact are two sides, even greater than the benefits, so in the use of the process should be determined according to the actual situation. Although various types of dispensing machine on the market much like glue, but whether it is full automatic high speed the dispensing machine or a large online type high speed dispensing machine will follow the above principle.

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