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What kind of glue equipment is required for high demand prod

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Dispensing is an important technology used in manufacturing industry, packaging and bonding is mostly accomplished by dispensing technology, before the automated dispensing device is not introduced in the manufacturing industry of China is mostly by manual dispensing to complete encapsulation, manual dispensing long bring disadvantages is obvious, so they need a can be used in high demand production line dispensing equipment in the manufacturing industry.
Small double position high speed glue machine
With the passage of time, dispensing technology of our country gradually close to that of the developed countries, there are many high speed dispensing machine imitation on the market, this kind of imitation high speed dispensing machine low price low cost and practicability is very poor, can not meet the demand for high production work after the purchase of users. The multi head high-speed dispensing machine belongs to a special high-speed dispensing machine. It has multiple glue heads, which can efficiently and accurately glue the products at the same time, and has a more comprehensive function compared with the similar dispensing equipment.
Desktop multi head high speed glue machine
The use of multiple high-speed dispensing machine to improve the yield and quality of the effect is very good, used in high demand in the production line to ensure the quality of production, suitable for coating, packaging, bonding and other work in the field of electronic production is put into use will comprehensively strengthen production quality, long high-speed dispensing machine optimal operating temperature at 0-40 degrees, the amount of support circular dispensing, dispensing highly efficient to enhance the product quality of filling glue, point line and plane path through these coated programming, teaching box programming can be equipped with multiple high-speed dispensing machine, the small quantity of cement in 0.01ML, a plurality of dispensing head for precision dispensing to ensure that the products can reach the best the adhesive packaging effect, provide important help to the high demand for production line.

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