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What is the factor caused by the price gap of the high speed

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With dispensing the continuous improvement of production technology, high speed dispensing machine of various types appear in the dispensing industry market emerge in an endless stream, high speed dispensing machine before dispensing on the market are: the type of large high speed dispensing machine, high-speed automatic dispensing machine, table type high speed dispensing machine such as, for different industries, the the production of products of different raw materials, properties of the product will be different, so the high speed dispensing machine type needs are different, so long as the ordinary high-speed high-speed dispensing machine upgrade edition, all those long high speed dispensing advantage? And the ordinary high-speed dispensing machine price gap?
Single station multi head high speed glue machine
Generally speaking, there are five factors that affect the price of a dispenser: the production process of dispenser, the market demand for dispensers, the functions of dispensers, after-sales service and brand awareness. These five categories.
Double head double station high speed glue machine
Compared with the ordinary dispensing machine, the high-speed dispensing machine has more complex structure, and the components are relatively more. Therefore, the market price is higher. Of course, the dispensing machine is more precise, so the service life and the probability of failure are also smaller. Oversupply, the price will be cheaper; for less than the demand, the price will be higher. This reason in the glue machine industry has also been certified.
Multi head high speed glue machine
According to the high speed dispensing industry products also need to choose different multiple high-speed dispensing machine than other ordinary high-speed dispensing machine in the dispensing efficiency or dispensing quality are the upgraded version, of course this dispensing equipment prices are more expensive, but it has the price is also higher.

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