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What irregularities are there in the process of high speed g

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In mid twentieth Century, China's manufacturing industry most work in manual dispensing, dispensing the disadvantages manual in addition to ensure the quality and consistency, strong dependence on human, along with the development of automation, high speed dispensing machine for the user to complete all kinds of high demand dispensing work, and save human resources cost in the high-speed dispensing process there are some irregularities will affect the normal operation of personnel should be timely dispensing work, clear.
Three axis high speed glue machine
In the use of high speed dispensing machine when there may be some problems that affect the dispensing work quality, if the operator does not have the relevant professional knowledge, when adding considerable parts should be disconnected from the power supply to operate properly, cannot begin to replace without power failure, will force the fixture screw tightening in the installation process, to prevent loosening of the normal in the process of operation, operation must be carried out in accordance with the formal way. It is not allowed to dismantle the high speed dispensing machine at any time. If the machine parts are removed at will, it will lead to the unstable operation of the inner winding machine, which may cause the problem of electric leakage, which directly affects the quality of normal dispensing.
Desktop multi head high speed glue machine
Long high-speed dispensing machine is a special high speed dispensing equipment, which has a plurality of glue dispensing head can be doubled, greatly enhance the work efficiency of dispensing, due to the long high-speed dispensing machine working pressure is high, the best operation to avoid random adjustment in normal dispensing, if it is easy to adjust the parameters affect the dispensing work coherence in normal operation, the lack of glue dispensing products.
In high speed glue work, no hands are used to touch the needles or put hands on the spot. These all belong to the irregularities of the glue.

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