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Why does the adhesive strength of the dispenser are insuffic

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Since the development of the LED industry, the emergence of a variety of lighting to facilitate people's normal life, a lamp in the manufacturing process, between the lamp holder and the lamp using glue fixed, these are usually used for adhesive dispensing equipment, sometimes adhesive dispensing machine in operation will directly affect the development of bond strength is insufficient, the practicability of LED lamp and this is how it happened?
Single station multi axis high speed glue machine
First consider whether the influence factors of adhesive glue glue, ideal to have very good bonding strength, and after coating no bubbles and other defects, if the words will affect the bonding strength of glue viscosity is too low, you can add adhesives to normal concentration through the use effect, if the glue quality itself should be considered abandoned. Can be used to strengthen the bonding effect by two-component glue ratio, two-component glue is made of rubber and the catalyst according to a certain proportion of the two-component glue in the mixing process to avoid impurities in the air mixed with the influence of bonding strength, can use a two-component high-speed dispensing machine enhance the bonding effect.
Two component adhesive
Two component high speed dispensing machine supports the use of multiple proportions of two-component glue dispensing, most single dispensing machine is difficult to use two-component glue dispensing, coating evenly on the adhesive surface comprehensive lamp holder adopts bicomponent high speed dispensing machine, the lamp can be firmly bonded with the lamp frame together by high speed automatic glue dispensing system can realize the efficient and comprehensive work, but can be applied to the application of bonding can work to fill in the slit, is a dispensing equipment high availability.
Double liquid high speed glue machine
In China, the application range of the two component high-speed dispensing machine is very comprehensive. In the production of various small products, we are responsible for dispensing glue and glue, enhancing the utilization rate of consumables and improving the production quality of products.

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