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What is the dispensing equipment can use AB glue?

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AB is a two-component mixed fluid, the catalyst glue and epoxy resin which are mixed according to certain proportion, with a higher bonding strength than ordinary glue, with high temperature, high toughness, long service life, excellent performance, in addition to the repair work used in bonding and can work in high-grade rubber filling the dispensing equipment generally need to mix well to adhesive dispensing, however it is difficult to accurately control the artificial mixing proportion, need to use AB glue dispensing machine to high speed dispensing through special.
Two component adhesive
A two-component high-speed dispensing machine is a suitable adhesive dispensing equipment, the controller and the special double liquid dispensing valve metering dispensing supplies, to ensure the conversion and utilization rate reached maximum, A glue and B were installed in two different plastic barrels for storage, normal dispensing work through measurement pump extraction ratio of glue dispensing, no need to worry about two kinds of fluid rapid curing in the flow process, then the pressure generated by the air compressor will be carried out quantitative dispensing glue, the glue that can accurately coated on the adhesive surface, the two-component glue ratio meet the work requirement, so the use of two groups a high speed dispensing machine to enhance the bonding effect is very effective.
Double liquid high speed glue machine
A two-component high-speed dispensing machine is a high-speed dispensing machine in a special dispensing equipment, mainly for two-component glue dispensing, potting work is mainly used in a variety of products, can also be applied to the adhesive work products and the base, in order to make the two component high speed dispensing machine can have the best working condition that requires the operator regular maintenance work after the completion of the work can be cleaned by a small margin, in addition to strengthen the effect of dispensing machine in high speed dispensing, can reduce the maintenance work of the investment.

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