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Which manufacturing industries need to use a double componen

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Two component high speed dispensing machine is a versatile two-component glue adhesive dispensing equipment, in various industries and glue work are used, support a variety of mixed glue dispensing proportion, two-component glue bonding strength and bonding properties than general glue used in high production work in full to strengthen the bonding strength of products and the bottom plate, there are many applications in manufacturing industry.
Double component high speed glue machine
Due to the nature of the adhesive has high strength, so the two-component high-speed dispensing machine is used to glue the effect is very good, potting small products need to be done by a two-component high-speed dispensing machine, adjust the dispensing control valve can adjust the quantity of cement and glue glue mixed frequency, can regulate a variety of proportion. In the production of electronic industry, the chip package is very necessary, two-component high-speed dispensing machine is equipped with a static mixing tube to strengthen the glue works, through the slit filling will enhance the chip work effect, which has corrosion resistance, impact resistance and other excellent properties, enhance the use of chip life. In addition to the encapsulation and bonding of electronic products, such as chip sealing, such as liquid crystal display, it also needs to be executed by a dual component high speed dispenser.
Chip packaging
In addition to the electronics industry need to use high-speed two-component glue dispensing, like some commonly used products can also be through a two-component high speed dispensing machine for dispensing, such as jewelry industry in crystal crafts, decorative lamp adhesive bonding requires high strength adhesive, high precision work will help users complete the high quality dispensing mode the slit dispensing work, make more intelligent energy-saving production work, create a higher production efficiency for the needs of users.

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