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What kind of glue equipment is used for wood bonding?

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The adhesive strength determines its use, if the timber with high strength adhesive effect can be used in the production of furniture products, in the use of wood work adhesive two-component adhesive strength effect AB, two-component AB is through two kinds of fluid in a certain proportion of mixed glue has the characteristics of high bonding strength, quick effect, after reaching the maximum bond strength after 24 hours, the adhesive used in wood and wood will greatly increase its use, so what should use adhesive dispensing equipment?
Double liquid high speed glue machine
The splicing of two-component high-speed dispensing machine is used to wood, equipped with two a barrel can store two fluid dispensing, the stainless steel barrel to avoid fluid solidified quickly during storage, equipped with static mixing tube two fluid according to the ratio of mixing, to meet the bonding intensity wood, simple mode of operation more convenient operator to modify the parameters according to the actual demand, ensure the stable and efficient dispensing work consistent.
The use of two components using high speed dispensing machine to enhance the bonding effect and glue adhesive in wood working rate, through the uniform glue pattern can make AB uniformly coated on the surface of wood adhesive glue, of course the proportion of operators before work schedule. When adhering to wood, it is necessary to ensure the adhesion of surface without dust and foreign body, so as to make the bonding effect more powerful and improve the practicality of the product.
Two component adhesive
Two component high-speed dispensing machine has wide application scope. The production line with high strength dispensing can be executed through this dispensing equipment. It is a high-performance and cost-effective dispensing equipment.

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