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What kind of glue machine can accurately control the amount

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The dispensing machine is used for target accurately dispensing control glue a piece of equipment, the more high precision dispensing its scope and value will be enhanced, the demand in the production of precision high precision dispensing machine very much, at present the quality of our dispenser is uneven, it is difficult to find a user application of high precision dispensing machine, what is the function of dispensing precisely control the quantity of cement?
Metering type high speed dispensing machine is a machine for dispensing with high precision in the process of work, through the screw type dispensing valve can be equipped with special precise control of glue, glue glue in high-speed flow valve, control valve can stop by glue glue glue to control flow quantity, support a variety of dispensing model, to meet the production requirement of high quality is high, a dispensing scope is very broad.
Metering type high speed dispensing machine is mainly used in high precision dispensing production line, and potting electronic products will be completed by metering dispensing, dispensing machine for electronics packaging is prone to lead to excessive overflow of dispensing path or no glue, directly affects the quality and efficiency of production, through the use of measurement type high speed dispensing machine to complete the high accuracy and efficiency of dispensing dispensing.
Since the influence of structure of high precision dispensing equipment for people is often complex and precise measurement, in fact type high speed dispensing machine using a desktop system to build, with high demand in the production line with the use of small workshop use, according to different kinds of coated products support the glue, and the glue evenly without the deviation of waste dispensing work to help user needs to complete a variety of high quality and efficiency.

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