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The amount of glue in chip packaging is difficult to control

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The chip is composed of a silicon integrated circuit, the circuit is mainly responsible for the transmission and storage work, more high-performance electronic devices rely on the chip is very strong, a chip is fixed on the circuit board after packaged by dispensing equipment, because the chip structure is very small, the accuracy of dispensing equipment and glue the demand is higher, the user of the glue dispensing package chip found it is difficult to accurately control, so how to solve this problem?
It is possible that the parameters of dispenser are not adjusted correctly. The size of the supply pressure determines the amount of the glue. If we need a high sensitive glue quantity control, we can glue the dispenser through the manual dispensing gun to ensure that the dispensing quantity can meet the actual production needs.
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Have solved the glue dispensing controller is difficult to control the problem, the viscosity and the supply pressure is closely related to the amount of glue and glue, so by adjusting the dispensing controller can accurately adjust the quantity of cement and cement quality, to meet user demand for chip package, the point glue dispensing machine controller and high speed connection can enhance the adhesive the amount of control effect and the dispensing efficiency plays an important role in the chip package work.
In the same type of metering dispensing equipment for high-speed dispensing machine is a glue Control & dispensing equipment, from the teaching device adjust the working parameters can achieve very accurate control of the amount of glue, the use of high-speed dispensing metering in the chip packaging machine to complete the work with high precision and high quality glue dispensing, high precision control system to ensure that can accurately control the quantity of cement in high speed dispensing process, path coating effect is more uniform, which is the demand of large-scale production line of a dispensing equipment.

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