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Why chips need to be encapsulated

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The chip is a small wafer carrier, belongs to the integrated circuit, the circuit and the personal computer CPU plays a common function, responsible for processing circuit, in the production process of the chip package is an important work essential, the glue is applied to the pin can be firmly bonded together with the PCB board and reach the effect of encapsulation, chip packaging what advantage?
Semiconductor packaging
Operators often use glue coated chip on chip production process, and then make it can be stably adhered on the PCB board, the chip chip package to enhance the service life and the work effect, so that it can perform normal work in the long-term bonding PCB board, after the package to enhance the reliability of the equipment and life, there was relatively little encapsulation of the chip connection is very fragile, bear a little vibration and shock easily fall off welding, causing the machine to normal operation, easy to affect the service life of the machine.
The dispensing machine is essential in the application of chip package, for dispensing can be uniformly coated on the adhesive glue path through high precision dispensing machine, enhance the chip bonding strength and bonding effect, and the quality of different traditional manual packaging, manual packaging quality and efficiency is difficult to meet the packaging quality and efficiency. Often dispensing alignment or dispensing quantity can not be accurately controlled, directly affects the use effect of the chip, so the function of automatic glue dispensing to avoid a series of bad problems, so that the chip package is more stable and efficient.
Three axis high speed glue machine
There are many ways to encapsulate the chip, and the user should choose the suitable encapsulation mode according to the actual needs.

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