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What is the difference when the chip is glued?

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The chip is a small integrated circuit chip, mainly used in signal transmission and processing links, more intelligent devices inside the chip will be more fine precision, dispensing technology in the chip manufacturing process is mainly used in packaging, protective shell outside the chip can be firmly bonded in a very wide range of protection, dispensing machine application of chip package, it is because the dispensing technology involved in the good application effect. Because the structure of the chip is very small, it is difficult for the external shell to stick it together completely, causing the problem that the chip is not homogeneous.
High precision path coating
The chip of Qi may be because the glue dispensing equipment or related parts caused by the use of desktop high-speed dispensing machine chip package should reduce the quantity of cement and the dispensing efficiency, the chip structure is very small, if the dispensing parameter adjustment too easily lead to dispensing malalignment or glue overflow problems, directly affects the effect and the quality of the chip package, should be adjusted to produce the adhesive and solder joint size to meet the demand of the work package, the workpiece through the fixture can also enhance the alignment effect of dispensing.
High precision high speed glue dispenser
Related accessories will also affect the accuracy of chip dispensing, dispensing needles is an important factor affecting the precision of dispensing, in the chip package process should choose high precision small needles, small glue dispensing needle fine uniform, coated on the surface of the chip protective sleeve can play the role of promoting the integrity of the adhesive, chip interference ability and dustproof and dampproof performance, can use high precision dispensing needles as chip packaging accessories, to achieve efficient and accurate with the glue dispensing valve, avoid dispensing of the missing chip problem.

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