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Is there any equipment for high precision dispensing

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, manufacturing industry more and more inclined to choose a variety of intelligent production equipment, dispensing machine is one of important dispensing equipment, mainly responsible for packaging, adhesive, glue and other work in the production line, improve the practicability and value of the price of the product, there is a high precision industry in practical work, such as the electronics industry very high accuracy requirements, only to meet the accuracy requirements of electronic components for accurate seam filling, so choosing a suitable high precision dispensing equipment is very important.
Double station three axis high speed glue machine
Quantitative type high speed dispensing machine can help production line to further improve the precision of dispensing, through the digital control can be adjusted such as glue volume, dispensing velocity, dispensing path filling and other related parameters, measurement of glue glue to strengthen the conversion and utilization rate, the production of electronic components with high quality and high precision work process characteristics and this is one of the metering type high speed dispensing machine, in addition to the metering type high speed dispensing machine adopts the imported servo motor as the driving mode of dispensing work, a long time to maintain the high precision dispensing without offset, good stability and high accuracy of repetition, is a very practical comprehensive dispensing equipment.
Desktop metering high speed glue machine
Metering function of three-dimensional high-speed dispensing dispensing path filled, either irregular or slit filling path dispensing work can be achieved through three-dimensional high-speed dispensing, stable and efficient mode of dispensing will enhance the production capacity and production quality of users, to create a higher production efficiency, by connecting the teaching device to make programming more simple and easy to use, support different working modes such as glue, glue dispensing, etc..

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