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What kind of glue equipment can be used to glue the electron

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The electronics industry in the integrated circuit, PC board, LED lighting, mobile phone keys, various speakers, computer chassis products will use these products to the dispenser, dispensing requirements are also different, but the market on the machine type dispensing more, then the dispenser for dispensing work in electronic products?
Desktop single station high speed glue machine
1. Desktop high speed glue machine
Desktop high speed glue machine can also be called the desktop dispenser, the general model is relatively small, so it is more convenient to place. The desktop dispensing machine can realize irregular graphics such as circle, arc, line and so on. It can meet the requirements of different industries. The glue dispensing machine for more, such as silica gel, AB glue, red glue, epoxy resin, silver glue etc.. Desktop high speed dispenser can be used in electronic products such as LED, loudspeaker, circuit and so on.
Large digital display high speed glue machine
2, digital display high speed glue machine
Compared with desktop high speed dispensing machine, the model of digital display high-speed dispensing machine is also smaller, which is composed of vacuum suction, high precision barometer, adapter interface, digital display, power switch and so on. Digital display machine's digital display screen is controlled by the digital control system, the operation is relatively simple, and the service life is also long. In the integrated circuit, PC board and other industries, the dispensing machine will be used. Besides using the digital display high-speed dispensing in the electronics industry, we can use digital display high-speed dispensing machine to improve the quality of products in chemical, automotive, medical and other industries.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
3. Visual high speed glue machine
The visual high speed glue machine is equipped with CCD detection and high precision testing system, which can be accurately aligned in the process of spot glue, and the precision of the glue is high. In the electronics industry, gelatinization, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries can be used to the visual glue machine.

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