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How to ensure stability in the process of high speed glue

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In recent years, more and more dispensing equipment is applied to the more popular industries in the electronics industry, for example: silicone dispensing machine is applied to the integrated circuit industry, digital high speed dispensing machine is used in various digital industry in the industry, the application in dispensing equipment from different industries will have the advantage and its own characteristics. Digital high speed dispensing machine advantages such as convenient adjustment. It is this dispensing equipment dispensing machine in high speed dispensing process should be how to ensure the stable work?
Large digital display high speed glue machine
There are many factors affecting dispensing work instability, such as the dispenser itself limits or weather, physical environment and other factors, will lead to automatic dispensing machine dispensing unstable phenomenon. But the main factors due to incorrect operation caused by: cement volume, pressure strength, majority of dispensing needles specifications the size of the needle, and the distance between the working surface and glue viscosity, glue temperature, curing temperature, glue curve exists in the bubble, need special set of liquid etc..
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First, the amount of gum output is usually the length of glue dot diameter, which should be half of the product spacing, so that enough glue can be used to glue products and avoid excessive problems of glue. The amount of glue is determined by the length of time. In the actual operation, the time of the glue can be selected according to the temperature and the characteristics of the glue.
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Second: the stability of pressure, the pressure is too strong in general will lead to a quantity of glue glue overflows, too many problems; vice versa, the pressure is too weak, it will appear uneven, dispensing even leaks and other issues, so caused a lot of bad products, this kind of question must be based on the environment the temperature and the viscosity of the glue and other factors to adjust slowly.

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