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How to reduce the working error of the glue

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In the electronic parts, car parts, mobile phone keys, LED and other industries all need to use the glue technology. If we use traditional manual dispensing, we need to use a lot of manual operation. For some products with high demand for glue dispensing, it is difficult to use artificial dispensing, and it will also affect the production of products during dispensing. In order to reduce the productivity of labor and improve the quality of production, a lot of industry will use glue machine instead of traditional manual work. The glue dispenser has fast speed and simple operation. It can realize irregular curves such as line, arc, circle and so on. It can meet the requirements of different industries. But in the use of the dispensing opportunity for some reasons to affect the glue work, then how to reduce the work error of the glue?
Double cylinder high precision dispensing valve
In the use of the glue dispensing machine debugging back pressure is too large, easy to make too much glue overflow, will cause some impact on the product quality, so in the debugging of back pressure when the best dispensing to adjust according to the dispensing requirements; error prone staff in operating point glue dispensing, could work Taiwan and needle position or distance adjustment is not correct, if the distance and position error debugging easy to scratch and wear products, precision dispensing needles, influence. Before making the dispensing work, you can try to debug the working table and the location and distance of the needle first, until the dispensing function is aligned with the dispensing, so that the dispensing can be done, and the influence will be reduced.
Large digital display high speed glue machine
However, there are many kinds of dispensing machines, such as two component dispensing machine, digital display high-speed dispensing machine and so on. Different dispensing machines have different advantages, such as the dispensing efficiency of the two component dispensing machine is high, and the digital display high-speed dispensing machine is easy to adjust the dispensing location and distance. Therefore, when choosing the glue dispenser, it is necessary to use the appropriate glue dispenser to make the dispensing work according to the requirements.

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