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How is the market demand of the digital display machine?

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With the application of digital dispensing technology, appeared the dispensing made important contributions to development of the manufacturing industry, which work through the use of digital potting adhesive dispensing function will further enhance the value of products, improve product quality and practicality, the market demand of high intensity digital dispensing machine, mainly used in the production of high demand in.
Semiconductor chip packaging
The sealing process requirements of chip production is higher, in addition to sealing effects to achieve a comprehensive, but also to ensure that the glue can not be too many spillover effects of normal use, is a challenge to the dispensing device, through the use of digital dispensing function meet the technical requirements for chip packaging, digital display of the dispenser dispensing glue volume and pressure values of parameters through the LED, convenient for the operators to adjust according to the actual situation, the microprocessor digital control circuit to strengthen the control precision dispensing time. The structure of the digital display machine is small, and it can be used in the more comprehensive work of the glue.
Three axis digital display high speed glue machine
Use the horn, watches, cameras common production line cannot do without dispensing equipment, digital dispensing machine support application different kinds of glue dispensing, such as solder paste, silver paste, ultraviolet curing adhesive, lubricating oil, epoxy resin, curing adhesive, silicone resin and other fluids are applicable to meet the use of more the production work.
UV curable adhesive
Now it seems the product demand driven dispensing machine sales can not stop the trend, characteristics of digital dispensing machine which used in precision production standards to ensure the quality of products, the products have a high degree of consistency in batch production, does not appear uneven of bad products, is an important link of glue production equipment industry.

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