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Do you have a simple glue dispensing equipment

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There are many kinds of glue dispensers in the market, and the sizes of different kinds of glue machine are different. Some of the machine models are relatively large, and the operation is more complex; and some of the machines are relatively small, but the operation is relatively simple. But not each type of small glue machine operation is relatively simple, the large machine operation is more complex. So the operation of those gluing equipment is simple?
Three axis digital display high speed glue machine
1, digital display high speed glue machine
The digital display high speed glue machine is composed of power switch, vacuum return, high precision barometer, counter, power switch and so on, and the model is small. Digital display high speed glue machine is controlled by digital control system, easy to operate and easy to operate. In the dispensing process, there are few phenomena such as glue leakage and uneven appearance. The dispensing speed is faster. In the electronic, communication, medical, chemical and other industries, digital display high-speed dispensing machine is used to improve the product quality. And the service life of the digital display machine is long, about 10 years or so.
Single station three axis high speed glue machine
2. Desktop high speed glue machine
Desktop high speed dispensing machine can also be called Desktop dispensing machine. Some desktop dispensers are equipped with two dispensing valves, which can do glue dispensing at the same time, and the dispensing efficiency is high. The operation of desktop high-speed dispensing machine is relatively simple. Although a dispenser needs a staff to replace the product operation, the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser is several times higher than the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser.
In addition to the above two dispensing machines, the operation of other dispensing machines is relatively simple. Other kinds of dispensing machines are relatively simple, such as two component high-speed dispensing machine, high-speed automatic dispensing machine and so on. Although these dispensing machines are relatively simple to operate, before they are used, it is better to know their usage and avoid incorrect use of dispensing.

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