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What kind of glue dispenser is used in the packing and packa

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The product filled with people who do not know that is possible using glue machine, actually not, the beginning of the filling technique is used for the bottom of ceramic package, so as to fill the bottom with technology, after a long time development started for other industries, to the final use of the chip industry at the bottom of the chip package, filling the needs of the technology is very high, need to use precision dispensing machine or high-speed filling dispenser.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
Two dispensing machine can meet the requirements of the performance of chip packaging industry, two glue machine is the same, only the use of accessories was different, high-speed filling dispenser is specifically designed to meet the research and development of equipment, have the function of filling technology for dispensing a variety of applications in industry, is the best filling the chip is mainly filled pad package, to prevent the problem of falling.
Large and high speed filling machine
High speed precision dispensing machine is a popular device, due to the effect of dispensing with high performance, can be used in the industry very much, is the test of filling requirements of product dispensing accuracy, and this is the famous precision dispensing machine, the control effect can reach 0.001ml, dispensing accuracy already is one of the best, applied to the chip packaging effect is very good.
Anaerobic glue dispensing valve
High speed filling dispenser is a good equipment, as long as the function of no precision dispensing machine is good, but the more underfill dispensing machine industry, various accessories are in order to make high-speed filling dispenser can be used in this industry, filling technology certainly has its unique features, will be filled with high speed dispensing machine at the bottom the use of the valve, is a special dispensing valve in the market by double acting thimble dispensing valve, its function is very good.

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