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Application of underfill requires the use of large high-speed dispensing machines, the use of this device has the advantage of being able to point out the good glue, make the performance of the chip is more stable, not easily fall off or loose, use the dispenser also allows dispensing more easily, the electronics industry for quality requirements of products according to the highest, these dispensing to understand the effect of product dispensing technology demand is still relatively high.
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The most prominent place is the speed for large high speed dispensing machine, the main power source for the use of high-speed motor, strong power on dispensing speed more than doubled, large dispensing more important accuracy but did not decline, the combination of the two technologies, make more precise dispensing technology, make a better effect in underfill dispensing technology is not small, can be used for chip packaging industry, not only to the high technology, and also some relatively high.
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Select the appropriate dispensing machine can meet many dispensing requirements, quality of product better, general equipment products, underfill technology needs only a large high speed dispensing machine can meet their needs, the dispenser in the dispensing quality is very good, equipped with microcomputer control system, micro control for glue every detail to glue on each point, the use of general dispensing are unable to achieve these results, as long as the current large high speed dispensing machine dispensing machine to achieve this effect.
High speed glue machine with three axis linkage
Underfill technology is related to the role of products. According to the requirements of dispensing, the dispensing machine can be selected. This dispensing effect can meet the requirements of the industry. These are the advantages of high-speed dispensing machine, and the accessories used can improve the high point technology for glue dispensing, which are all advantages.

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