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Why chips need to be filled with glue

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The chip value is mainly reflected in the use of intelligent equipment work, the current development momentum of the chip industry is very rapid, showing a rising trend, the chip industry once by the State Department's attention, related to the development of the chip industry to support efforts to help further enhance the application of underfill between the chip production quality the quality of filling dispensing will strengthen the chip through the dispensing equipment, so why the need for chip underfill dispensing.
Semiconductor chip packaging
Application of filling dispensing technology is very broad, chip underfill dispensing is to strengthen the bonding strength between the circuit board and the most intelligent mobile phone chip have been filled in order to enhance the service life of dispensing, dispensing through after the chip in the practical application is not prone to fall off pieces of welding and other problems, and can withstand a certain the impact of deformation, so that the chip underfill dispensing role can not be ignored.
Single station high speed glue machine
High speed filling glue machine makes the chip underfill dispensing work more efficiently, high-speed filling dispenser with automatic positioning function of recognition, whether or not the rules of rule of product product can automatically identify the linear motor driven dispensing, dispensing, dispensing the product links more high-speed stability, support multiple path programming software, convenient the operator to adjust according to the actual demand, the quantity of cement is more accurate and uniform, the alignment accuracy is more efficient, the chip production quality have been improved accordingly.
Desktop high speed glue machine
The scope of high-speed filling dispenser is very wide, but can be used in filling chip, can be used in the arts and crafts slit underfill dispensing process, in order to strengthen the practicability and the quality of products.

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