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Which is the high speed glue machine used in the mobile phon

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The mobile phone shell, mobile phone keys, touch screen, microphone etc. will use dispensing technology in the mobile phone industry, these products of cement volume requirements are not the same, for some parts using manual dispensing work very hard, so in the mobile phone industry is using high speed dispenser for dispensing work. But there are many kinds of high speed glue machines, so do you use those high speed glue machines to spot glue in the mobile phone industry?
High speed toughening machine with double position toughened film
1. Desktop high speed glue machine
General desktop high speed glue machine model is relatively small, so it is more convenient to place. Desktop high speed dispensing machine can also be called Desktop dispensing machine, which can achieve dots, lines, arcs and irregular graphics, which can meet the dispensing requirements of different industries. The touch liquid crystal screen is installed in the dispenser, and when the power is turned on, the glue parameters can be adjusted manually. In the mobile phone industry, the glue can be used with different inner diameter needles for different products.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
2. Visual high speed glue machine
The visual high speed glue machine is equipped with visual system, which can be converted into image signal through CCD in the process of glue. It is convenient to spot glue. When used in the mobile phone industry, the distance or position of the worktable and needle can be adjusted so that the glue can be made. In addition to the use of the mobile phone industry, the visual glue machine can be used in the products packaging, electronics, communication and other industries.
Handheld digital display high speed glue machine
3, digital display high speed glue machine
Digital display dispensing machine is made up of power switch, high precision barometer, digital display screen, technology button and so on. Because digital control control is used in dispensing machine, digital display dispensing machine is not easy to appear glue leakage and wire drawing phenomenon, and the quality of dispensing is good.

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