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What are the effects of the quality of the glue

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There are many kinds of glue dispensers, such as desktop high speed automatic glue dispenser, multi head high speed glue machine, double component high speed glue machine, etc. Dispensing with these high-speed dispensers can improve production efficiency and replace manual operation. Dispensers can be used in electronic parts, auto parts, LED, loudspeakers and other products. Although the dispensing effect of high speed dispensing machine is good, it will affect the quality of dispensing for some reasons when used. What are the reasons that affect the quality of dispensing?
Desktop high speed automatic glue dispenser
1. The quality of the glue used
When using the high-speed dispensing machine, we need to check the quality of the glue. If the quality of the glue is not good, the impurities in the glue will jam the dispensing needles during the dispensing process, which will cause the phenomenon of uneven or unglued glue output, which will affect the dispensing quality. If there is a problem in the quality of the glue during the dispensing process, we should first talk about glue extraction, cleaning pressure barrels, pipes, dispensing valves, etc., and replace the glue again, so as to avoid the bad quality of glue and affect the dispensing work.
Multi pipe needling needle
2. The selected needles are not suitable for the use of glue
Use high speed dispensing machine is wide, but the type of each industry to use glue no, there are differences on the amount of glue, if the dispensing needle is not suitable for the use of glue, glue or does not meet the requirements, the leakage phenomenon is easy to glue, glue in the dispensing process. So in the purchase of needles to use glue and glue according to the requirements of choice, reduce leakage glue, glue and other phenomena, ensure product production.
Precision dispensing controller
3, the debugging of the glue parameter is incorrect
After the dispensing is opened, the staff can manually adjust the dispensing parameters. During the commissioning process, it is necessary to adjust according to the dispensing requirements. If debugging is wrong, it will affect the dispensing quality.

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