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Which factors can affect the precision of the glue in the pr

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Due to the rapid increase of the national economy, people began to product requirements have become increasingly high, people began to tend to fine products, more and more nano products began to appear on the market today. Although the refined products to a certain extent to enhance the market sales, but for product manufacturers here is a series of challenges, the volume of products continue to change production also represents the degree of precision has been improved.
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So is the dispensing industry, in order to better meet the needs of the market, in order to better meet the needs of users. Improve dispensing accuracy is the only way to survive before production, but not just in the dispensing process, there are many factors that plagued production users, then what are the factors that can affect the precision of dispensing.?
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As far as the packaging equipment we can see on the market, the repeatability of a dispensing device is expected to be around 0.01mm. There are many factors that influence the accuracy of repeated automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue machine, including not only the machine factors, and also set out some of the products, dispensing error. Precision dispensing automatic dispensing machine, high precision automatic glue machine products can not only realize products, improve product quality. At the same time, the precision of the glue can reduce the error rate and improve the production efficiency of the product.
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Compared with manual dispensing or ordinary dispensing equipment, such equipment in dispensing precision is perfect, but with the economic conditions continue to improve, dispensing equipment production is only continuous innovation and improve the precision dispensing to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition.

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