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How to solve the problem of high speed in the process of dis

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The high speed glue machine is one of the glue dispensers, and the speed of the glue is fast. Moreover, the dispensing density is relatively high, which can replace manual operation. Electronic dispensing, cell phone keypad, toy making, LED and other products can be used to high-speed dispensers. Although high speed dispensing dispensing accuracy is relatively high, but in use for some reason to make high speed dispensing glue, glue leakage phenomenon, thus affecting the dispensing work. Then there are those factors that will make the high speed dispensing glue phenomenon appear?
Barrel type glue dispenser
1. There is a bubble in the glue used. If the mixing speed is too fast and the direction is not consistent, bubbles will appear easily, and bubbles will appear. During the dispensing process, the phenomenon of empty play will appear. It will also affect the glue output and produce some influence on the production.
Universal epoxy resin glue
2. The selected needles are not suitable for the viscosity of the glue. The scope of high speed dispensing machine is wide, and the viscosity of the glue used in each industry are not the same, some glue viscosity is relatively large, but the glue point is relatively small; on the contrary, some glue viscosity is relatively small, but the point out of the glue point is relatively large, the use of small viscosity glue the glue in glue in the process of point point out the quantity of cement is not stable, easy to appear the phenomenon of glue.
Multi pipe needling needle
The above two ways to make high-speed dispensing glue phenomenon in the dispensing process, but the attention in the use of methods for their use can reduce the glue phenomenon, for example: when the bubble phenomenon in the glue can be used when the vacuum bubble off or replace glue; for different viscosity of the glue dispensing needle we can use different diameter, length of alignment, avoid glue phenomenon.

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