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What's the suitable glue for the high speed glue machine

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In the electronic parts, automotive parts, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, speakers and other products will use glue, in these products, we can connect the products through the adhesion and cohesion of glue. If the manual dispensing work not only requires a lot of manual operation in traditional use of these products, in the dispensing process is prone to leakage phenomenon such as glue, glue dispensing effect influence. In order to improve the productivity of labor, many industries use high speed glue machine instead of manual operation. But the types of glue used in different products are different, so the glue can be used by the high speed glue machine.
Large scale high speed glue dispenser
1. Instant dry glue
The solidification speed of the instant dry glue is faster. It is easy to solidify on the needle with the common spot glue needle. At the same time, the speed of the glue dispenser is faster. As long as the suitable needles are selected, the glue can be quickly carried out to prevent the glue from solidifying in the needle.
cyanoacrylate adhesive
2, epoxy
Epoxy is also called epoxy resin, this kind of glue more, some epoxy and some glue viscosity, low viscosity. In the use of high speed dispenser for dispensing work of epoxy glue, according to the need of viscous or dispensing needles suitable choice size, convenient for dispensing work.
Universal epoxy resin glue
3, silica gel
Silica gel can also be silicic acid gel. It belongs to the amorphous material. It has certain application scope. In some cosmetics, sewage treatment, drug purification, and some electronic parts, silica gel can be used, and the chemical properties of silica gel are relatively stable. A high speed glue dispenser can be used to do the glue.
The above three kinds of glue are more common. Except for the above three kinds, the high speed glue machine can also use red glue, rubber, transparent glue and so on. This is not explained here.

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