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High speed dispenser point iron core work deviation

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The core transformer is mainly composed of ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy made of low carbon steel, can play the role of the magnetic structure of the transformer, the magnetic induction intensity is decided by the structure of iron core, the magnetic flux density is high transformer more easily, which need to be fixed on the iron core transformer used in the dispensing auxiliary however, the core equipment, circular structure lead to dispensing work easily offset, so by what means to solve this problem?
Three axis single station high speed glue dispenser
To the bottom of the transformer to solve the problem of dispensing core offset, first of all to the core position of precise positioning, and then attached to the surface of transformer on high viscosity glue, and then use the mechanical arm of the iron core placed in the target position can be fixed, the glue detection system work mode of dispensing is a test high speed dispensing machine while it is difficult to achieve the precise positioning with good effect, so this fixation method is rare.
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The core is mainly offset is common in desktop dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machines generally do not have a clamping function, so it is easy to shift in the dispensing work, dispensing fixture is invented in order to solve this problem, the clamp structure is very simple, the operator does not use the study will use, and then glue to the object by means of this kind of core surface for fixing the semi-finished products, then the core can be attached to the surface, in addition to the fixed iron core can be used for fixing other irregular dispensing objects, this is the best way to solve the core offset.
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There is a need to pay attention on core dispensing, dispensing not only the core point of bilateral unilateral, bilateral dispensing dispensing into it is difficult to perfect fixed and fixed iron core can not point column, easy to use effect.

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