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How to solve the bubble in the high speed glue dispenser

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Before the dispensing, bubbles will appear due to the fact that the speed of mixing is too fast or the direction of agitation is not uniform. There will be vacuum dispensing in the dispensing process, and it will also affect the dispensing quantity of dispensing. So how to solve the problem when the glue is bubbling in the high speed glue machine?
Single station high speed automatic glue dispenser
In addition to the incorrect mixing way, the bubble phenomenon will occur in the high-speed dispensing machine. If the pressure of the dispensing back pressure is too large, it will also cause bubbles in the dispensing process, which will affect the dispensing. If the bubbles of the product are not correct, the glue can be placed in a container, and the bubbles can be evacuated by vacuum degassing, and the glue can be put into the pressure container to do the dispensing. In the mixing need to pay attention, the direction of the best mixing, speed is not fast, to avoid bubbles.
Three axis high speed automatic glue dispenser
If the pressure is too large for the glue back pressure and the pressure of the product is too large, besides the bubble phenomenon, it will also damage the appearance and the needle of the product. So we need to adjust the pressure of the glue back pressure before removing the bubbles. After the adjustment, the centrifuge can be used to get out the bubbles in the high speed glue machine. The effect is better. It is noted that this method can only eliminate bubbles and can not be filled after the bubbles are removed.
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In addition to the above two ways, the bubbles in the glue can be removed by heating. A container is prepared first, and the glue is put into the container for preheating. In the preheating process, the bubbles in the glue will gradually disappear. When the glue is preheated to a certain time, if there are still bubbles, the heating time will be extended. The above three ways to remove bubbles are commonly used. If you feel that you can avoid trouble, you can also replace glue for glue.

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