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Attention should be paid to the cleaning of high speed glue

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In the replacement of glue or after using high speed dispensing machine, would need a cleaning of high speed dispensing machine, can avoid replacing glue and glue the residual contact reaction increases the solidification rate, use can also extend the service life of high speed glue dispensing machine, but some of the staff cleaning dispensing the way is not correct, resulting in high speed dispensing machine failure impact dispensing work when in use. So we need to pay attention to those problems when cleaning the high speed glue machine.
High speed and full automatic glue dispenser for single station
The fittings of high-speed dispensing machine include dispensing valve, dispensing needle, pressure bucket, etc., so before washing, these disassembled parts can be removed and cleaned separately. When cleaning the high-speed dispensing machine, you can use the cotton cloth coated with oil to scrub the body of the dispensing machine to avoid the phenomenon of spalling and so on during the use of high-speed dispensing machine. Though the special dispensing metal is used for the high speed dispensing machine on the regular location, it is necessary to maintain the lubrication of the last butter or oil at each time when cleaning.
Return suction valve
After cleaning the high-speed dispenser itself, check whether the dispensing needles are metal material. If it is made of plastic material, it can be directly replaced without cleaning. If the dispensing needle made of metal material, check whether the glue in the needle is coagulated. If glue is solidified in the needle, the glue in the dispensing needles can be melted for cleaning. After the inspection, the suitable detergent is selected according to the glue used, and the washing needle, the glue valve, the pressure bucket and so on are washed with clean water. After the end of the washing, the glue accessories can be assembled in the high speed glue machine, which can be stored and stored in the wrong way.

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