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What is the effect of using a high speed glue machine in the

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The LED display, LED energy saving lamp, LED lamp, coil inductor and other products in the lighting industry need to be used to spot glue technology. If we use traditional manual dispensing in these products, we need to consume a lot of labor productivity and make some impact in dispensing process. For some products with high demand for glue dispensing, it is difficult to use traditional manual dispensing. So many industries will use high speed glue machine instead of traditional manual operation. So in the lighting industry, in addition to the use of high speed glue machine can replace manual operation, can they play the role?
High speed circular glue dispenser
High speed dispensing dispensing machine faster, and dispensing accuracy is relatively high, the operation is relatively simple, although a high-speed dispensing requires a staff for the operation, but the efficiency of a dispensing dispensing a manual dispensing speed several times, used in the lighting industry to improve product the production efficiency, but also ensure the qualified rate of products.
Bulb lamp
General high-speed dispensing machine is composed of control system, controller, dispensing valve and other parts. The controller is the core part of high-speed dispenser, dispensing machine can be dispensed through the controller. Because the high-speed dispensing machine needs a long time to use, so in some frequently active parts, the dispensing machine is made of special mixed metal, it will not wear away for long time use, and it can be used for a long time.
Compound return suction valve
The use of high speed dispensing machine in the lighting industry can ensure the quality of dispensing, but before using the dispensing machine, you need to understand the use of method of dispensing machine, avoid the use of glue, glue when leakage phenomenon affecting quality etc..

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