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Semiconductor High-speed dispenser and manual semiconductor

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The easiest way is to start dispensing dispensing from the hand, up to now there are some products is the use of manual dispensing, but has a very large majority are desktop type high speed dispensing machine instead of the society is in continuous development, and automatically instead of manual dispensing, also proved a direct social change, to be able to keep up with the progress of society to be able to survive, high speed dispensing machine is no exception.
Hot melt adhesive three axle high speed glue dispenser
The semiconductor is the use of manual dispensing dispensing before early, when the electronic device area is still very large, coupled with high speed dispensing machine is not made, even if there are automatic dispensing machine price will be very expensive, dispensing technology is not mature, the enterprise is not risk with high speed glue dispensing, so the development of high speed the dispensing machine is relatively slow.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
In the era of rapid development, due to the development of the integrated circuit diode technology, more and more high, the semiconductor area becomes smaller, the manual dispensing technology began to satisfy the high speed semiconductor dispensing, dispensing technology is gradually mature, in the electronics industry gradually made known, some companies began to try to use in semiconductor dispensing, dispensing effect has been started, high speed dispensing machine for semiconductor dispensing.
High speed dispensing machine is the product of social progress, at the beginning are not enterprises welcome, eventually to be recognized by the market, and manual dispensing by many limitations, has no progress in space, so it will be phased out.
Large visual high-speed dispensing machine
High speed dispensing machine with manual dispensing the difference is that one is science and technology to create products that meet market requirements not only meet the dispensing, the production efficiency, but also the quality meets the quality requirements of enterprises, manual dispensing quality is not good, the bad and the high rate of technical standards etc..

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