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In order to reduce labor productivity and improve the quality of production, high speed glue dispensers are used in many industries. High speed dispensing machine is composed of the control system, dispensing valve, controller, workbench, power switch and other parts, wherein the dispensing system is based on the control system for dispensing work, in order to facilitate the operation of the rubber machine equipped with the controller, the power supply can be opened after the manual debugging dispensing parameters. Although the operation of high speed glue is relatively simple, some staff are prone to some problems when operating the glue dispenser, such as:
The selected needles are not suitable for the glue used. Some glue coagulating speed is faster. If the selected dispensing needle is not suitable, it is easy to jam the glue in the dispensing needle, and affect the dispensing work. Therefore, when choosing dispensing needles, it is better to choose according to the properties of the glue and the dispensing requirements, so as to avoid the phenomenon of glue solidification during the dispensing process.
High speed double position glue dispenser
It is best to check the quality of the glue used before use. If the quality of the glue used is not qualified, it will affect the dispensing quantity of dispensing easily during the dispensing process, and it may also block the dispensing needle. The phenomenon of missing glue will also cause some influence on the dispensing.
Instant dry glue
When the power is turned on, the staff can manually adjust the glue parameters. But some staff are easy to adjust the pressure of dispensing back pressure too much. It is prone to excessive glue when dispensing, which will not only waste glue, but also have some influence on the quality of dispensing. In addition to back pressure, when debugging the dispensing needle is too far away from the work, it can be tested and adjusted slowly until the dispensing function is aligned, and the dispensing work can be mass produced.

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