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How to clean the electric high speed glue machine?

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In general, the electric high speed glue machine model will be smaller, so it will be more convenient when cleaning the glue machine. After using the electric dispensing machine, cleaning once can prolong the service life of dispensing machine. But some staff members will not correct the cleaning methods when they are cleaning the dispensing, which will affect the dispensing work and weaken the service life of dispensers. So how do we clean the electric high speed glue machine?
Double station high speed electric dispenser
Before cleaning the electric high speed glue, it is best to pull the power out first and convenient for cleaning. When cleaning the electric high-speed dispensing machine, you can use alcohol and other cleaning materials first. After cleaning, it is better to wipe out the glue outside with the oily cotton cloth, so as to avoid the phenomenon of spalling of the electric high-speed dispensing shell, and affect the dispensing work. In some places where oil is needed, some butter or oil can be used to keep the lubricate and avoid the damage of the glue.
Syringe needle
After the electric glue is cleaned, then the glue machine head is cleaned. The dispensing head is equipped with a point glue needle and a dot glue needle. If the glue needle and the pin are used in the ordinary plastic material, it can be replaced directly. If it is made of non plastic material, check the glue in the dispensing needle or the syringe. It is clogged. If glue blockage occurs, you can use the heater to melt the glue and wash it.
Desktop high speed electric dispenser
After cleaning the electric high speed glue machine, it can be stored. The environment of storage electric glue machine is better than clean, and it can also be placed on the glue dispenser to keep the cleanliness of the electric high speed glue machine. If the electric dispenser is not used for a long time, it also needs to be cleaned regularly, so it is convenient for the next use.

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