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What are the reasons for the non return of the high speed gl

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High speed dispensing machine is a dispensing machine, for example: more types of glue, epoxy glue, red glue, UV glue, instant glue, AB glue, glue the nature of these different, so in the choice of dispensing needles and syringes to use glue and glue according to the requirements for selection, avoid leakage glue, glue solidification phenomenon. In order to avoid leakage phenomenon such as glue, glue, high-speed dispensing machine equipped with suction button in the dispensing case according to suction button can avoid glue phenomenon, but some of the staff in the operation according to the dispensing machine suction button, can appear the phenomenon of glue. So what are the reasons for the non return of the high speed glue machine?
Dispensing tube and trachea
1. Injury of trachea
If the return function of the high speed glue machine can not be used normally, it may be the damage or failure of the glue pipe. They can check whether the gas dispenser is connected, if not connected to the best alignment, try to open the suction button, if the dispensing valve or glue phenomenon, may be the best first dispensing airway and dispensing work stopped, to replace the dispensing tube.
Interactive thimble pin valve
2. The malfunction of the solenoid valve
Electromagnetic valve is the use of electromagnetic control industrial equipment, in the glue industry will also be used, can be used to control the velocity of glue, glue speed, and so on. If the damage of the glue valve is easy to have some influence on the glue work, the damage of the glue valve will also affect the function of the glue. Appear glue phenomenon, if no problem can stop the tracheal dispensing, dispensing, wiring head check valve is damaged by loose or damaged, if the solenoid valve is the best change in time, avoid dispensing glue, drawing and other phenomena occur in the use of dispensing work.

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