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What is the applicable industry of high speed glue dispenser

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Help the production sectors most cannot do without dispensing equipment, high-speed dispensing machine appears to help the industry engaged in complete dispensing work more comprehensive, high speed dispensing machine execution and work efficiency is very high, can meet the needs of different industries of high demand production, high speed dispensing machine which applies to industry?
High speed multi axis linkage dispensing machine
The high speed glue machine is mainly used in all kinds of high demand production work, supporting the loading line to carry on the glue work. The production of high demand of semiconductor products, not overflow problems in the dispensing process, avoid the effect to normal use of the product, through the use of precision high speed dispensing function complete demand for semiconductor production, and ensure the correct uniform glue coating does not appear excessive glue and other undesirable phenomena, so the demand for sophisticated semiconductor industry high speed dispensing machine is high.
Desktop high speed glue dispenser
The use of dispensing work electric high-speed dispensing machine is mainly used for stable demand, such as chip package with high precision, the chip package link will need glue evenly coated on the outer bonding surface, to achieve the purpose of chip package, which has dustproof and dampproof performance, in order to ensure a stable and efficient work can use electric high-speed dispensing the complete package of chip machine shell, high speed electric drive power flow through the glue dispensing machine, avoid factors appear to lack of glue and glue leakage influence the stability of the high speed dispensing machine equipped with electric stable production users.
Anaerobic adhesive
Some production needs special glue for dispensing, and special glue is not suitable for general purpose dispensing machine. So when choosing a high-speed dispenser, users should know whether the function matches the actual application.

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