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What kind of glue can be used to improve the consistency of

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There are many kinds of glue dispensers. For example: desktop high speed glue machine, electric high speed glue machine, double component high speed glue machine and so on. Desktop high speed dispensing machine can also be called Desktop dispenser. Because of its small size, desktop dispensing machine is suitable for dispensing in small products, such as LED, kite making, electronic parts, mobile phone buttons, etc., can be used to desktop dispenser. The desktop dispenser is dispensing according to the control system. After opening the power supply, the staff can manually adjust the dispensing parameters. In the dispensing process, it is better to use the same product for dispensing work, so as to ensure the same product output.
Desktop high speed glue machine
The electric high-speed dispensing machine is made up of power switch, digital display, controller, suction button, motor head and so on. It is a relatively basic dispensing machine, which is suitable for quick drying glue, quick drying glue and other fast speed glue. But the dispensing machine is arranged with suction button in the dispensing condition, can press suction button, avoid glue phenomenon. There are many ways to drive general dispensing, but the advantage of electric drive dispensing machine is better. The positioning accuracy of electric drive is relatively high, and it can be accurately aligned for dispensing in dispensing process. Improve the consistency of product dispensing.
Desktop high speed glue dispenser
The double component high speed glue machine is equipped with two glue pressure buckets, which is suitable for using AB glue, double component glue and so on. Because of the slow solidification rate of glue and the solidification of two kinds of glue after contact, the phenomenon of glue sticking in syringe is seldom seen in two component high-speed dispensing machine. The consistency of the product can also be guaranteed during the dispensing process.
In addition to the three kinds of glue dispensers that can improve the consistency of the product, other kinds of glue dispensers can also improve the production consistency.

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