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Why does high-speed dispensing machines work with great nois

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High speed dispensing can help manufacturers achieve high speed dispensing, although improved dispensing speed but also has some common problems in production, including dispensing excessive noise is a common problem, then this is how it happened, the following Xiaobian together to find out the reason.
Full automatic visual high-speed dispensing machine
General high speed dispensing machine working resistance is very small, the noise is too large can first consider the mechanical noise, may be carrying dispensing manipulator moving slide lubrication is not enough or stain congestion, so need to slide to add a certain amount of lubricating oil, adding amount of lubricating oil depends on the rail length, amount you can slide to full perimeter.
Double station high-speed glue dispenser
The abnormal electromagnetic noise is high speed dispensing machine performance, the influence of electromagnetic fields inside the dispensing machine is easy to make parts of vibration noise, mainly the stator core by electromagnetic resonance effects, blindly add lubricating oil is difficult to play a role, if the stator core loosening will continue its fixed, this can solve the electromagnetic noise the problem fundamentally, of course, other devices may also produce resonance and dispensing machine, the switching frequency can change the high speed dispensing machine, note in the dispensing work as much as possible to avoid other devices together to avoid resonance phenomenon.
AB glue high speed dispenser
The air force work dispenser may also make the noise is too large, this is because of the internal pressure, to have a certain impact on the dispensing machine internal noise, can eliminate the noise source from the fundamental solution, as long as the working pressure in the reasonable range can be adjusted, can also consider ways to keep the noise, the sound insulation rock wool can effectively prevent the spread of noise during the operation of high speed dispensing machine.

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