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How frequent glue change affects production efficiency

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High speed needle dispensing machine belongs to a universal high speed dispensing machine, needle dispensing machine advantage is simple and easy to apply to industry wide use, support separate configuration of a small dispensing syringe or dispensing valve for dispensing, high speed dispensing machine with a small needle to frequently add glue, directly affect the dispensing efficiency and dispensing the dispensing consistency, quality of products is affected, so how to solve the problem of frequent change of glue?
Barrel type high speed glue dispenser
From the outer end of the needle cylinder to strengthen the glue supply high speed dispensing machine works, best equipped with stainless steel pressure storage barrels of glue to achieve stable and efficient glue effect, pressure barrels higher capacity to store more glue, the pressure barrel is connected with cylinder can realize stable dispensing glue supply, strengthen the quality and stability high speed dispensing needle machine in high speed dispensing process.
Large stainless steel pressure bucket
Stainless steel pressure barrel is equipped with high speed dispensing machine can ensure the accuracy of the work usually when adding glue dispensing influence accuracy by dispensing syringe is equipped with stainless steel can reduce the frequency of Tim glue, pressure drums with constant pressure regulating valve to better control the glue supply, stainless steel used for long term storage of glue to stabilize glue, play an important role in high demand in the production line, most of the large high speed dispensing machine will be equipped with stainless steel barrel pressure to strengthen the dispensing efficiency and fluency.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
The greater the capacity of the pressure barrel, the more glue it can store, so as to reduce the frequency of dispensing glue to enhance the stability of high-speed dispensing, and the external safety valve of glue pressure barrel can better control the working pressure of dispenser.

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