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How to solve the problem of plugging the pin clockwise cylin

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Dispensing syringe and needle like dispensing are collectively referred to as industrial production dispensing supplies called consumables, why? Because in the process of operation of high speed dispensing machine in many dispensing syringes and needles are disposable, so why only once? Will someone ask because in high speed! The dispensing process dispensing syringes and needles often occur clogging, this is industrial production has long been plagued by many users, this kind of problem is due to the dispenser to also can not completely avoid, avoid or reduce can only be obtained through a certain way.
Carbon steel needles
With the continuous improvement of production technology of dispensing equipment, dispensing equipment in recent years high speed needle type dispensing machine manufacturing by the user's favorite, the expansion of applications, more part of the problem brought by the part of the market sales at the same time. The needle cylinder high speed glue machine application users often feedback needle clogging the problem, then apply the glue the needle cylinder high speed dispensing are those that can not cause clogging glue of this equipment?
Instant glue
In fact, most congestion problems are due to high speed dispensing machine operation is not correct and cannot do without the selection of types of glue, glue viscosity, curing time at normal temperature is relatively fast, so it is very easy to cause the needle clogging phenomenon; vice versa, the viscosity of the glue is weak, room temperature. Under the curing time is relatively slow, so it is difficult to occur dispensing needle clogging and other issues.
High speed glue machine with three axis linkage
In the process of high-speed dispensing, in addition to the above methods to reduce the glue viscosity, the problem of clogging can be solved. Improving glue stability is also a good solution to reduce the jam of dispensers.

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