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Do hot-melt adhesives be suitable for common spot glue dispe

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Now more and more industries are using the dispensing equipment to complete product bonding operation, does relative to manual dispensing, dispensing machine not only has high speed dispensing efficiency, higher quality advantages, it can also reduce the production cost, high speed dispensing process for raw materials can greatly reduce the consumption characteristics, and can carry out precision control of glue, the most important is the equipment to mass production in the automatic production line.
Double head hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
In recent years, dispensing equipment production technology continues to improve, dispensing equipment have been greatly improved, in kind and function of dispensing equipment such as: hot melt glue dispensing machine, silicone precision dispensing, anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine, needle high speed dispensing machine of different types, so many have their own unique dispensing equipment the characteristics, such as high speed needle dispensing machine is characterized by dispensing speed, easy to use.
Single station double component high speed glue machine
But if in use need to use the hot melt glue, hot melt glue machine high speed but just not customized, so ordinary high-speed dispensing can control of hot melt? Certainly not, because of the special nature of hot melt adhesive, this adhesive can be plastic glue belongs to, in a certain temperature range of the the physical state change according to temperature, while the chemical characteristics of the same characteristics, so it is difficult to see hot melt melted at room temperature, it must be given a certain temperature, so as to melt.
Desktop hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
Therefore, from above, we know that high speed hot melt adhesive can not be used on general dispensing machine. If we need to use hot melt adhesive in manufacturing and production, we must use special hot melt adhesive hot melt glue dispenser.

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