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What is the effect of special glue on the high speed glue di

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For dispensing equipment, this equipment is mainly used for precision control in the industrial production of glue, in the dispensing process to drip, coating, sealing and other forms of high-speed automation equipment on the surface of the product and the precision equipment high speed dispensing equipment can complete dispensing operation in the plane, circular arc, and some geometric patterns the.
Double component glue
In recent years, dispensing equipment production technology continues to improve, no matter in dispensing equipment or equipment type, function and performance have been greatly improved, such as dispensing equipment, not previously now: needle type hot melt glue dispenser, silica gel dispenser, anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine, electric machine, digital precision dispensing dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine etc, each kind of high speed dispensing equipment has its unique advantages and can use glue, types and industry are different.
Desktop pin type high speed glue machine
Then the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine is a dispenser many types, which is suitable for the high speed glue needle dispenser? What is the effect on the special glue dispensing machine? If not special glue, as long as the ordinary glue dispensing machine industrial production often use can very good application and, the dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality are inferior to other types of dispensing equipment.
Desktop high speed syringe dispenser
Of course, with the special requirements of some products in industrial production, some special properties such as hot melt adhesive, two component glue, anaerobic glue and silica gel must be used. Because of the special nature of these glue, ordinary high speed dispensing machine can't deal with it well, but if some parts are refitted, it can still be applied well.

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