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How to prevent the dispensing problem of the high speed disp

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Method of dispensing syringe dispensing problems is to prevent high speed very much, the most important is in the course of operation requires strict requirements, this can reduce dispensing problems, each high speed dispensing machine are set with the operation parameters of the operator, the correct mode of operation is to reduce the most convenient way is to reduce the best way of dispensing problems.
High speed gluing machine with double position for large needle
The dispensing process problems, there are leakage glue, wire drawing, leakage, uneven droplet dispensing, dispensing needles is the high-speed dispensing opportunities arise, because of simple dispensing syringe, glue glue control ability is low, so the problem will be more to do to prevent dispensing problems, still need to use a lot of effort to prevent high-speed dispensing problems.
Instant glue
The leakage problem of rubber cylinder in high speed dispensing machine, because the concentration of use glue is low, so the leakage problem of rubber, the dispenser without suction function, low concentration of glue should not use the syringe for dispensing dispensing, dispensing equipment need to choose other types, so as to complete dispensing the task, high-speed dispensing effect will be very high.
The drawing problem is generally because the pressure is too small, will be such a problem, the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine need more stable pressure, so as not to cause problems in addition to drawing, the best configuration of the controller to control the pressure, it can get the pressure within the scope of control right.
Multi axis linkage needle cylinder high speed glue machine
In fact the needle cylinder high-speed dispensing machine problem, are common problems, only in accordance with the existing solution to solve can be used if the method is inappropriate, you can choose the solution dispensing machine manufacturers consulting better, so it can solve the problem of high speed dispensing.

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