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Choose a suitable high speed glue dispenser according to wha

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High speed dispensing speed advantage, dispensing accuracy is second, according to the properties of the two kinds of selected dispensing dispensing equipment appropriate, or those who need to use two kinds of equipment for dispensing industry, select the appropriate dispensing according to the needs of the industry, there is a very big help for the production, so the best choice of dispensing high speed dispensing machine, choose the industry is very small, so the effect is not a good choice of dispensing industry.
Double station high speed glue machine
In the selection of needle high speed dispensing machine equipment need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the needle cylinder high speed dispensing machine advantage is cheap and the dispensing performance is stable, the disadvantage is the need of high viscosity glue, low viscosity glue, using low viscosity glue will not appear leakage problems, these problems will clear. According to these results to choose appropriate dispensing equipment, so as not to use inappropriate products.
Plastic syringe needle
No matter what type of high speed dispensing machines are not available to all industries, are selected according to the use requirements, it is not possible to use the high speed dispensing machine industry, so the matching degree is too low, much of the industry market, one by one, thus wasting too much time, needs to choose the production equipment industry so, you can reduce a lot of scope, to find a suitable choice of manufacturers, manufacturers of enterprise is very difficult.
Interactive thimble pin valve
Are generally selected according to the needs of the dispenser, dispensing requirements such as: need to use silica gel, viscosity is about 20, the rubber precision 0.1ml, according to these requirements can choose a suitable choice of high speed dispensing machine, the equipment will not satisfy the industry production demand, high speed dispensing needle is this choice.

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