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Floor type high speed dispenser, point polyurethane resin ea

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The dispensing function used in the industrial production of most of the polyurethane resin, which is the most widely used glue, specific physical properties of polyurethane hard, soft and elastic, the most obvious to the general state of resin. Floor type high speed dispensing machine is high pressure industrial production dispensing equipment commonly used, generally can be used most of the glue dispensing, however, cracking of the polyurethane resin adhesive points are mostly because of floor type high speed dispensing machine, so this is how it happened, some of the details below through the careful analysis of the reasons.
Large automatic full speed dispensing machine
1. glue quality
Users choose polyurethane resin, dispensing pay attention to its quality problems and the normal use of requirements, general polyurethane resin material shelf life in about half a year, more than the shelf life, the use of quality of course easy to change. Of course, the normal working temperature and the preservation of the environment problems also need to pay attention to, because the polyurethane glue will solidify in the humid air, so keep normal kept at a relatively cool and dry environment, remove the need to use it for a certain period of adjustment to normal use, when directly using polyurethane glue easily broken out from saving the environment.
Large floor type visual high-speed glue dispenser
2., the gum out of force
Floor type high speed dispensing machine is high speed dispensing tool working parameters need to do a good job in the debugging section, if there is too much glue breaking problem, the general floor type dispensing machine for high speed dispensing parameters is relatively large, the use of this special polyurethane glue no consideration, if you insist on using polyurethane glue to adjust the working parameters of normal floor type dispensing machine high speed dispensing glue point to prevent rupture.
Large high-speed dispenser
3. there is no definite time to guarantee quality
No matter what kind of glue need time in dispensing the adaptation period to ensure its stable quality, polyurethane glue is no exception, in the high speed dispensing glue point quality is not stable, easy to touch on the broken, so to glue a stable period of time can improve the service quality.

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