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What factors affect the quality of semiconductor chip packag

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Dispensing technology scope with the needs of production becomes more and more extensive, such as LED, chip package filling dispensing link link need the dispensing machine, so the value of practical application by dispensing and promotion, to enhance the development and the current market dispenser dispensing technology is inseparable, the dispensing equipment of high performance will be conducive to the development of production line industry. In the packaging of semiconductor chips, the application of the glue point machine is essential, so what is the influence of the quality of the semiconductor chip packaging?
Semiconductor dot glue
Part of the package may affect the use of glue, no matter what kind of glue is corrosive with a certain degree, the surface of some irritating strong corrosive glue applied to a semiconductor chip, may affect the normal work of the chip, so the operator should use standard package using glue before packaging, such as common the chip package red glue, white glue, silver glue etc..
Three axis high speed precision glue dispenser
Effect of high speed precision dispensing machine production is the most obvious increase in output, high speed and high precision dispensing function to help users complete the work package of high quality high yield, high speed and high precision dispensing machine support array programming dispensing, yield and quality of semiconductor chips increases, in order to package quality does not affect the semiconductor chip, the working parameters of the should be adjusted according to the actual situation, such as glue, glue glue speed, pressure, if there is no good working parameter adjustment easy to affect the quality of the semiconductor chip package.
Semiconductor encapsulation of epoxy resin glue
In fact, the encapsulation quality of semiconductor chips is even related to the working environment. If the atmosphere of the dispensing environment is heavy, it will easily affect the strength of the glue, resulting in poor problems such as falling off parts and so on.

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