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How does the promotion of glue technology affect the develop

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The dispensing process plays an important role in manufacturing, high demand of dispensing technology production, most of the industry, the bonding between products of small parts of the package are widely used in high precision dispensing technology, the current development of intelligent high speed dispensing technology tends to the aspects of development, has an important influence on the development of the industry.
Multi axis high speed glue dispenser
At the beginning of China's manufacturing industry needs dispensing are based on manual execution, manual dispensing the demand of human resources is higher, users can meet the production work, along with the continuous development of industry demand, the traditional manual dispensing has been unable to meet the production, long-term implementation of manual dispensing investment in human resources cost is too high, do not meet the user's production on demand, and manual dispensing glue and adhesive precision control effect is poor, directly affect the dispensing quality and effect, the potential impact of which can not be ignored.
Single station desktop high speed glue machine
Dispensing technology shown in a variety of intelligent dispensing equipment, high-speed precision dispensing machine belongs to a general very wide use of equipment, high-speed precision dispensing machine production is to improve the yield and quality, and reduce the cost of human resources, simple to use the mode of operation to help the operator to perform a variety of dispensing needs work, can realize the single computer or even a single multi machine operation mode, the quantity of cement and glue precision can more accurately control the gluing effect is more stable and efficient.
High speed precision glue dispenser
According to the development of dispensing technology industry application is rising, the non-contact dispensing has been gradually used in various production work, non-contact dispensing with stable and efficient and very few adverse effects and other advantages, can help users to complete the work for a more comprehensive package of adhesive.

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