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Is there a wide range of adhesive equipment for the industry

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In order to facilitate the selection, there are also many kinds of dispensing machine, such as a common desktop type automatic dispensing machine, high speed precision dispensing machine, LED automatic dispensing machine, while the three has the advantage of different glue dispensing machine, but the scope of application of the three kinds of dispensing machine are relatively wide, for example:
1. A desktop automatic glue dispenser
Desktop automatic glue machine can also be called the desktop automatic glue machine, the general model is relatively small, the speed of glue is also faster, suitable for small products. It can achieve irregular curves such as dots, lines, circles, arcs, etc., which can meet the requirements of different industries for dispensing machines, and has wide scope of use. Desktop automatic dispensing machines can be used in integrated circuits, electronic components, loudspeakers and other products.
Desktop automatic glue dispenser
Two. High speed precision glue dispenser
The control system is the core part of the glue dispenser, and the glue operation can be carried out according to the control when the glue is used. The high speed precision glue dispenser is no exception. The control system of the high speed precision glue dispenser can improve the speed of the glue and the precision of the glue when using the glue dispenser. The high speed precision glue dispenser can make the glue work easy to X, Y and Z, and the adhesive efficiency is high. The high speed precision glue machine points out the glue point relatively small, suitable for use in the precision products with small demand for glue out of glue.
Double station high speed precision glue dispenser
Three, LED automatic glue dispenser
As can be seen from the name, the LED automatic glue dispenser is a kind of glue dispensing equipment for the LED industry. With the development of science and technology, LED automatic dispensing machine more than LED can meet the lighting industry in addition to the dispensing requirements, for use in electronic lighting industry, LED dispensing machine can also be in auto parts, toy assembly, chassis bonding, power switch and other industries use.
LED bubble lamp automatic glue dispenser

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